UiNode error

Hello all,

I need to automate an excel sheet in which I have to do A4O analysis.
I have to perform many clicks on the excel, but I am facing an error - attribute not supported by the current UiNode.

I also tried doing the same through recording but the same error occurs.

Can anyone help me on this ?

Rimjhim Agrawal

Hi @rimjhim.agrawal - May I know why are performing clicks in excel. It helps us to give a better solution if you can explain your scenario

Hello @ushu ,

I need to do some analysis on a report.
For this, I need to click on Analysis tab and then select filters for my report.

Then I need to click on display option and click on display design panel .

Now need to select filters for my report.
So many clicks are required for the same.

@rimjhim.agrawal - Clicks might fail in excel. Did you try with keyboard(shortcut) keys

@ushu - As far as I know, there is no shortcut for this. I couldn’t find any on net as well.

@rimjhim.agrawal Got it. Try with CV activities and see how it goes

Hello @rimjhim.agrawal ,
Instead of click activity , try to use desired formula/code to ananllysis the data

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