UiElement cannot be converted to 'String' Error

I am already using it in a uielement type. I am not tryna convert it to string or anything but why am i getting this kinda error ???


Incompatible Data Types : UiPath has strict data type rules, and if you are trying to assign a value of the wrong data type to a UiElement variable, it can result in an error. Ensure that the data types are compatible.
Scope Issues: Ensure that the UiElement variable is accessible within the scope where you are trying to use it. If it’s declared in a different scope and not accessible within the current context, it will result in an error.
Selector Issues: UiElement type typically stores information about a particular UI element, including its selector. If the selector is not properly defined or if it fails to identify the element uniquely, it can lead to errors when interacting with the element.

Hi @170290064 ,

Could you also check what is present in the Unified Application Target property dropdown ?

The error might be occurring in a Different activity, do check and let us know if an Error is recognised in any other activity within the Use Application/Browser activity.


should i add in_uie_GlobalBrowser.ToString

@170290064 ,

You can remove it from the URL property and check.

Hi @170290064

Once try this



The argument DataType is not a string, Change the Datatype of it from Uielement to String in Argument Panel and give it a try

Lemme check but why is it there ?

@170290064 are you trying to give it already open session of any browser?

Hi @170290064

Make sure when you assign the URL in assign activity you give the URL within the double quotes like example below:

in_uie_GlobalBrowser= "https://rpachallenge.com/"

then you can pass the variable in Use Application/Browser activity.

Hope it helps!!


The element should be given only in the input element property and not in the url or any other field…I believe you gave the same element in teo fields


Now i am getting this error and i dont know why. Everything looks okay!


Looks like you in_uielement is null …can you please check the same


If in_uie_GlobalBrowser is a string whose value is a url, e.g:- “google.com” then

  1. Indicate the browser you want to use to automate using use browser activity

  2. In the browser url field, enter the variable

    As per the image attached instead of gmail.com it will be your variable (in_uie_GlobalBrowser)

If the type of variable or argument is of type browser or ui element, then in properties panel of use browser, under input you can put the variable as you have done

I ll try when i got home back and let you know!

I am takin it from another workflow and its not null

And also taking the str_url variable from config


If you send the input element you dont need to send anything else


@170290064 ,

This check could also be confirmed using Debugging. Could you check when performed Debug and the value of the UI Element variable in Immediate panel?

It should have some value, if not then it is not being correctly passed to the destination workflow or there might be a variable also present that has the same name which causes conflicts.

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