Convert string to Uielement variable


I have complete Uielement stored in a string variable. I want to use it into “Type Into”.
I am unable to convert the string type to Uielement variable type. I tried
DirectCast(“StrVar_Uielement”,UiElement) ; but doesnot work

Please help.

Hi @garimavarshney9

Try this method

- To: selectorStr

    - Value: "<html app='chrome.exe' title='Example' /><ctrl name='username' 
                 role='editable text' />"

Type Into:
    - Selector: selectorStr
    - Text: "YourText"

Hope it helps

please show us the string value


What kind of string value si it?

are you storing the selector?

if yes then give it in the selector field it accepts string values


You can’t convert a string to a UI Element. A UI Element is an object with many properties.

I have complete Uielement stored in a string variable

This is not possible.

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