UiDemo.exe file

I am a rookie who has started with level 3 : advanced training certification and is stuck at a point. I require the UiDemo.exe file. Can you help me out about where can I find this file? I am working from a company and I am not able to download files from git or other repositories. So please help me to get this file by any method.

Hi @Rushabh

The link to the file is included in the learning materials :slight_smile:

Hi @Rushabh

Here is all you need in the UiDemo exercise :

Hope it helps,

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Hello @reda @loginerror
I missed out on that link but still I am unable to download the file neither from my PC or laptop.
Can you help me out?

Hey @Rushabh

Check this out :slight_smile: - UIDemo.zip (17.7 KB)



Hello @aksh1yadav
Still, I am unable to open the .zip file.
It’s getting downloaded but the error thrown while opening the file read “File type not supported”.
Even I am not able to send it in mail to a certain mail-id.
Kindly help me up.

what is username and password for this app ?? anyone help…

Hi @shanmugadevi.b

The username is admin and password is password. It is mentioned in the course materials as well :slight_smile: