Can any one please share UIDemo.exe

Can any one please share UIDemo.exe file, i am having some trouble to download it .

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Hello @sarathythanigai,
please try this link:

I hope it could help :slight_smile:


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In my office all the downloading forums are blocked . so if you share it here as ZIP format , it will be great .

Yes, @sarathythanigai
try this link: (17.7 KB)



Thank you very much

I used the but I still have problem to download it. I am not able to click on the log in button. It didn’t work. Please could someone advise. Thank you.


I am also facing same issue not able to login could anyone help on that.

Thanks in advance

Please use lowercase in the app: admin / password


Thank you now able to login…

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thank you

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Unable to open the link which you have shared.Please share another link

Please share the password


I think the password is in the course material. It is something simple, like admin/password, literally :slight_smile:

There is similar application for SAP Demo Can anyone suggest/ share that setup file to me.

HI @seti.nadeem

No, we are not providing an access to SAP demo environment.

Best regards, Lev

Thank you sir

Thank you