Can Someone Share the Transactions.xlsx file for Level3 Uidemo?

I’m new to Uipath and I’m currently taking the Level3 Course in Academy.

I have two questions/requests:

  1. Transactions.xlsx file missing in github respository
    Can someone share the Transactions.xlsx file for Level3 Uidemo? If it’s an arbitrary file that I need to create on my own, I can deal with that. I just want to know if I’ve missed something because the Data/Input folder that I downloaded from Github is empty. I’ve read through the walkthrough pdf file several times and I’ve googled and searched the forum for answers but have not found anything similar

  2. Uidemo.exe ID and Password
    I’ve downloaded Uidemo.exe from the forum thanks to a previous question, but I’m having trouble with credentials. Is there a default ID and PW? or is the Uidemo.exe application going to take in any random credential that I make as an asset in Orchestrator? The application currently returns: “Invalid login. Try again!” for any ID and PW that I type.


Here is the file and username: admin and password: password

Transactions.xlsx (10.6 KB)


Thank you very much Navneet.

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