UiAutomation (Next) activities generate unnecessary Error Event Logs

Hi All,

I was checking the Event Viewer of one of our Robot VM and I started seeing a non-negligible amount of UiPath Related Application Error Event Logs.

The timing of the events didn’t make any sense because there were no errors with the process that had run at that particular time. After further examination, I arrived at the conclusion that UiAutomation (Next or Modern Design, however you want to call it…) are generating those event logs. In particular there was one that intrigued me:

This was rare because the Robots Logs didn’t indicate any error Opening the Browser. The conclusion that I’ve arrived is that when using the Use Application/Browser activity, if you use the Open IfNotOpen Mode, it will generate this error event if it has to open the browser (aka didn’t found an open session with the provided URL).

This isn’t the only activity from UiAutomation[Next] that generates these event logs:

This didn’t happened with the good-old Open Browser and classic UiAutomation activities.

It doesn’t affect Production, but can make troubleshooting windows problems much confusing. Ideally it shouldn’t generate any error event logs if the activity is successful.

Interesting! Could you please share the versions of the activities?

Also, could you double check now with the latest version of the UIAutomation package? (Next was merged into it to make thing simpler)

Hi Maciej,

I’m using the latest (to date) version of UiAutomation → 20.10.8. All the activities that generate this type of log errors belong to this package (Use Browser/Application, Click, and Type Into are the ones that I’ve tested so far)

Thank you. I was able to reproduce it and will report it in our internal tracker. I’ll keep this topic updated about the progress :slight_smile:

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Any update on this issue?

All of these and a couple other messages that appear in the Event Viewer will be solved in 21.8.

However, if you or anyone else here has other examples of messages that you feel shouldn’t be here, or are misleading, or hindering in any way, please post them here so we can fix them.