UiARD question: "Where in the Config.xlsx file should the names of the Integer assets be referenced?"

Why is Settings sheet wrong?

The question is a bit strange. Or do they mean they have those assets already in Orchestrator, and now the need to bring the reference into the Config file?

If so, then Assets sheet is correct.

Can someone tell me if I am thinking in a wrong way or its just a strange question.

Assets sheet would be correct

Because they are storing integer assets (not credential assets)

For assets which are of non - credential type, in the init all settings workflow, there is a flow which takes the assets values as specified in asset sheet and use Get Asset to retrive the value and then place it using assign activity like this

Config(AssetName)= Asset value

Hope this gives u clear picture

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Nived N

Yes, but when handling numerous Integers, the best practice should be storing it locally in the Settings sheets. So why they put it in the Orch assets? This is what is wondering me a lot.

And in the case Settings sheet would be correct then.

So in short, as they for what reason ever decided to save it in Orch, we need to use Assets sheet, otherwise Settings sheet would be the correct solution right?

Hi @kwoxer

I think it depends on usecase which u are trying to automate, sometimes these integers may be needed to change frequently or so, so we can use asset as per the best practices.

In question, they are specifying the they are having large number of orchestrator assets so answer would be Asset sheet itself

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Well indeed. They said “best practice”. And for creating hundreds on entries in Orch takes so much longer compared to Settings file. So I was more thinking about this being a best practice. And Orch is no advance here in this part.

Mhh a tricky question but I can live with that question just asking about how to reference and not thinking about best practice.

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