UiADP certification badge

Hi, guys just took UiPath new certification exam,**UiADP** today and I got passed as shown in the picture attached here. But I still don’t get any email to access my digital certificate. Has anyone of you already passed UiADP? Normally how many days do you have to wait to get your badge?


It would generally take 1 week to 10 days to get the credentials…you will get a separate email when ready


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HI @DarDarSara ,
You will receive an email within about 10 days

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Thank you for answering, sir🙏🏻

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@Nguyen_Van_Luong1 I see, thank you for answering bro



Happy Automation


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Hello there

Hope you guys are doing great :blush:

I’m posting this here as I also passed UiADPv1 exam on 22th-December-2023 and I haven’t received any email nor badge from UiPath…is this normal? I have never waited for so long with any other cert (Azure, GCP, Automation Anywhere…)

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