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In my “findChildren” activity, how to set the filter for the following css property


This “span” has “colName” which I need to grab, that is all the column names. Not all of them have “colName”

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Can you share screenshot of UiExplorer for the target element (Span)?


Cannot share. Thank you,

Would appreciate if pointers can be provided.

Hii @A_Learner ,
Can you please give a try by setting “Table” as your target element and in the property panel of the find children activity there is a Property called “Filter” There u provide


Can you check this and confirm?

Note : Provide property “Scope” as :- FIND_DESCENDANCE



Thank you @Jithesh_R

I am getting an element List. When I do element.Selector.Text I get similar to below.

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘TestApplication’ />
<webctrl aaname=‘FirstName’ parentid=‘xxx’ tag=‘A’

But when I do getAttribute(“aaname”) is not working, because I need to get column name.


Try for each ui element and explore the filter options


Thank you, I do not have this activity. UiAutomation Package v20.10.6

This works to get elements.
Still trying to get attribute aaname.

Thank you


You can upgrade it …if you are not able to upgrade the. Use the activity from market place which is readily available

Else here is a vbcode for the same which you can use in invoke code

Create one inargument.- in_dt_listTable type- datatable
One out argument - out_str_html_table type - string

out_Str_HTML_Table = "<style>

table, th, td {

border:0.5px solid black; 
border-collapse: collapse;

out_Str_HTML_Table += "<table>" 
out_Str_HTML_Table += "<tr>"

For i As Integer = 0 To in_Dt_ListTable.columns.count -1

out_Str_HTML_Table += "<th>" + System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(in_Dt_ListTable.Columns(i).ColumnName)+"</th>"


out_Str_HTML_Table + = "</tr>"

For r As Integer = 0 To in_Dt_ListTable.Rows.count - 1

out_Str_HTML_Table += "<tr>"

For c As Integer = 0 To in_Dt_ListTable.columns.count -1

out_Str_HTML_Table += "<td>" + System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(in_Dt_ListTable.Rows(r)(c).ToString) + "</td>"


out_Str_HTML_Table += "</tr>"


out_Str_HTML_Table += "</table>" 
out_Str_HTML_Table += "</body>"```

Hope this helps

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Thank you! This is great!

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Hii @A_Learner ,
Can you please check the other attributes like “visibleInnerText” or “InnerText” instead of “aaname”

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