UI Path very slow with huge Excel file


I’m working with Excel and i found that with huge excel files (more than 200k lines) the whole process is very very slow as UI Path is saving the Excel file after each modification. Is there any solution to speedup the save process ? Save the file after writing X cells ?

If we can’t do much to speedup the process, i had an idea to write to a text file then save it once at the end of the process. I have no problem to append text to a text file but, i also would like to read a Excel range paste it into the text file and ADD more text at the end of the line.

How to do this ? I was able to write the text just below my pasted range but not beside.

Any idea ?

Take a look here. The idea would be to read chunks of data into memory (datatable), do the processing and save everything at once.

Ok, your idea is to read 10 000 rows into a datatable, work with the datatable and extract it at once into the Excel file then go to the next 10 000.

How do you call the content of the row 3 and column 5 ? Like this ? dt.name(2)(4) ?

Thank you

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