UI Element not working properly

Hi guys, I need assistance here please with regards to the ui elements.
I am using activity so that after it goes to the next page but it opens the page but then it does not go to it,it remains in the 1st page and type there, while it’s suppose to type on 2nd page.

So After ‘click’ it’s suppose to open a page2 and type there and I cannot use the 2nd page’s URL because it depends on the link I click it’s dynamic

It’s very unclear what you are doing because you haven’t shown the webpage or the rest of your process.

As a guess - your Click ‘Add Note’ activity is probably inside a ‘Use Application / Browser’ card. If your 2nd page opens in a new window, you need to use a new ‘Use Application / Browser’ card for the new window

So, instead of setting it up like this:

Set it up like this:

Hi @Anelisa_Bolosha1

you can use anchor base activity, in that first you can use find element and in the right side box you can use your click activity.

is there is any hotkey which helps to goes to next page . you can use that.

since the new url is dynamic, but somehow half of the url will be same the id or few things will be change( whatever its get change can you able to extract those data from the first page)

Hi @KevinE, thanks so much for your response,

This is the 1st page, when I Click on ‘Add Notes’ it’s suppose to take me to another page for that particular person John, so hence i say it’s dynamic because the page will create a URL according to that person.

this is the second page after clicking Add Note:

This is the url,

So I can’t use open browser 2,because it changes

activity will not jump directly to the next page , i would suggest use hot keys to jump to next tab

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Hi @Baskar_Gurumoorthy ,
Thanks for your response, I don’t have hot key I just click it opens.
On the generated url I tried to remove the last part some of the data but it did not work


@Anelisa_Bolosha1 kindly check with business user there will be must any shortcut key to move to next screen

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Okay then why are you concerned about what the URL is? It doesn’t matter what the URL is.

And then what do you mean by “it opens the page but then it does not go to it,it remains in the 1st page and type there, while it’s suppose to type on 2nd page.”?

How can it remain on the 1st page if it has already navigated to the 2nd page?

Again it is extremely unclear what is happening or what you expect to happen.

It doesn’t matter what the URL is. Click Add Note to open the new tab, then add a Use Application/Browser activity and click Indicate. Select the newly opened tab. Look at the selector - specifically remove the URL from the selector - and use other properties such as title etc in the selector. Often the title and other things will change, but you use wildcards to deal with that:

Title 1: John Doe Account Information
Title 2: Jane Smith Account Information

The selector would be:

title='*Account Information'

By the way, if the URL is somewhat similar you can leave the url property in the selector but use wildcards. For example:

URL 1: http://someserver.com/user/12345
URL 2: http://test-someserver.com/user/12345
URL 3: http://someserver.com/user/87654

Using wildcards will match all of those URLs:


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Another good strategy is if you can calculate the URL ie:

"http://someserver.com/user/" + UserID

…then don’t bother clicking the Add Note button. Just calculate what the URL will be, and set Use Application/Browser to open a new browser to that URL - make sure to set the open property to always. And I suspect you’ll also want the new window closed when you’re done, so set the close property to always. Once the sub-window is done with and closed, you’ll automatically fall back to the original main page where you can continue. Put the second Use Application/Browser inside the main one, not after it.

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:+1: :grinning:, ookay. Will explain in a bit

Good day @postwick ,
Please assist me here

I calculated the URL this is my flow;



This is the exact process I used in uat but here in prod environment it does does not work it throws this error when going to the second page:

and it’s the exact same steps just the login url that’s different

400 error means the URL is not correct