Path into desktop not available on unatteded robot service mode

Hello all,

I used this path in order to unzip file on desktop , and in studio is working , but on unattended robot the path is not correct

how my I do in order to see the path (is not same on unattended mode?

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Can you share which path you use?


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C:\Users"+username+“\Desktop”+“\name of”

and assign username==> System.Environment.UserName



If you need to get path to desktop of current user, the following might be better.


Then, full path to the file will be the following.

System.IO.Path.Combine(System.Environment.GetFolderPath(System.Environment.SpecialFolder.DesktopDirectory),"name of")


the problem he detects the username of the second machine ,
on mode user he works correctly

but on unattended , he shows me on logs name of the second machine , and he can’t save on that path

also wen i give directly username of server machine , he can’t(path incorrect)

my question where does robot unattended save file (me i tells to google to ask me where save , by pop up i give this file ) my be there is better emplacement to save files download from web ?

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How about using folder under project root? If we create data folder under project folder, the following will work.

System.IO.Path.Combine(System.Environment.CurrentDirectory,"data","name of")

Please note it’s necessary to create a (dummy) file under data folder because empty folder will be deleted in publishing.

OR can you elaborate username of the second machine ?
I think it depends on UR settings in Orchestrator.


THANK YOU LOT ,it is working fine!!
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now just there an SAP application witch need to search that file but I must click on the button path in order to find it , i see the path generated there is username ,i don’t know if i put my username it will be always same?
and also in the path there is number of package (1.0.5)in order to get it

i thin if there is another point solution if i move it into desktop (but that need to specify username)

Thank you if u have idea or u think (clicks into this paths i move it without any problem in future)
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