Typing into specific table cell in SAP

I am trying to type into a specific table cell in a one row length table in SAP… I cannot get it to type in the EXACT table cell I want it to type in… I tried messing with the selector to no avail, any thoughts?

NOTE:ROW is not even a Column Name, but it is saying it is… the column name is field variable and I tried that

Here is the selector:

<sap colName=‘LOW’ id=‘usr/cntlRESULT_LIST/shellcont/shell’ tableRow=‘1’/


If you are trying to write into table in SAP then it will show row and column number in selector. Have you checked this one.

Please paste selector here and so that will help you.

The problem is that there is no column number and only one row!

<sap colName='LOW' id='usr/cntlRESULT_LIST/shellcont/shell' tableRow='1'/


How it’s possible without column number.

Sorry I do not know why it will not let me copy and paste the selector so I had to manually type it, but this is the selector, it is not clicking on the correct cell in the table :frowning: