Types of form in UiPath

Hello Forum, I hope you all are doing fine.

Today I come with a little question/Discussion on the Types of forms and uses that UiPath can offer. As I’ve notice there are two types of forms available which packages are

  1. UiPath.FormActivityLibrary
  2. UiPath.Form.Activities

Both have the same designing interface but the “1) Runs tasks from action center” and “2) from the Assistant, which displays on your home computer screen.”

But I guess my question is, What other difference do they have? I also notice that the form type from “2)” has a do container that can interact with the form before submitting the form, which I see pretty interesting on what can I do with it.
Also I saw that with the new version uploaded not long ago I saw a post that said that Action Center can now be completed from Assistant. UiPath Community 2022.10 Stable Release - Robot & Assistant

Also not long ago I saw a video from @jjes about Attended Framework which made me think on what it’s better, if working with Action Center tasks or not. here the link: UiPath Attended Framework 2.0 - Overview - YouTube

I would love to have a discussion with Developers who truly knows about the topic, since I think these are very usefull tools for automations attended casses, but to be able to fully get all the juice of it you have to understand it very well, and that’s what I’m seeking for.
I hope this topic can really start a series of interesting feedbacks :grinning:

Happy to be able to be part of this community, hope to hear from you soon.


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Would love to have a feedback from you guys!