Types of ciphers available in uipath

Hello to all. I wanted to ask if anyone can tell me what types of ciphers are present in uipath?

I would be very grateful.

thank you.

@momi_fede i guess the followings are used in uipath

do you know if there is documentation on the subject?

I just red it from some artical

do you mind if I ask you to turn the article over, kindly?

What do you mean by “ciphers”? Encryption algorithms used in UiPath products?


In the UiPath platform, AES in CBC mode (256 bit key) is used to encrypt passwords stored in the SQL Server.

In addition, you can encrypt sections of the Web.config file to protect the key used to encrypt/decrypt passwords: Encrypting UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config Sections

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thanks for your help!!

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