Type into text forces to select text

The textbox forces me to select Kerkhofweg (Breda)
if I write out the full name Kerkhofweg (Breda). the text is not locking in the field.

I want te write out the full name and text to be locked. because if I write out the full name. the field is empty.

text field looks like a field coupled with auto suggest. In such case the auto suggest implementation depending behaviour is to handle.

Just do a few analysis on:

  • text is exact match for a suggestion
  • text is not matchign a suggestion
    and also check on how to confirm manually (e.g. enter, tab…)

Once the manually way is cleared it can be mapped on how the bot will do the entering.

For sure also crosscheck the type into field options like: Deselect at end…

enter, tab is not working. if I write the text exactly still field is empt after execution.

if I write the full name, the suggestion is dissapearing

as mentioned

explore on ow it is done manually and also include steps like arrow down, enter pattern …

As an alternate we can enter on on HTML text fields with the set text activity

all those actions didn’t work…

just do more RnDs especially on how it is done manually.

We mentioned above:

so tother options also are set the text, catch the auto suggest, click the autosuggest.

Maybe we can short cut it and when URL is public, just share it with us

as you see, when I type in the text. problem is, the textbook forces you to select the right city bij clicking. in production he must choose out of several cities. you only see one in my picture.

I tried all the options you mentioned. but didn’t work at all.