Type into function does not work android emulator

Hello I’m creating my first robot, I’m trying to automate the use of a mobile app in an android emulator “NOX Player” but the type into function doesn’t type anything, it doesn’t generate any error and the flow goes to the end.

Is there another way to enter credentials? Or some specific plugin to use in android emulators?


Hi @Rodrigo_Buch ,

Can you check the “Activate” and “Click before typing” function from the properties? Keeping it like below image might help. You might also change the options and check if it resolves your issue or not.


hello robin

I left the settings that way but it didn’t work.

thank you for the help

@Rodrigo_Buch try checking “AlterIfDisabled” option.

I did as recommended and nothing happens.

A detail is that UiPath does not recognize the elements inside the emulator so in type into I used the F3 option to select the field for typing.

Robin, I managed to add a click function before the type into and set the properties that way.

Thank you for your help.

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