Type Into Activity properties : Activate and Click Before Typing properties issue in 2018.4.5

Has anyone faced this issue ever.
For the activity ‘Type Into’ if both the properties- ‘Activate’ and ‘Click Before typing’ are checked, in rare scenarios it behaves improperly
For e.g. instead of typing 100, it only typed 10. Though this has happened to me only once out of 2500 times, just approx number.
I was suggested to unchekc eitehr one of them.
Just curious if anybody else has faced same issue ever, the input data was correct for me I have already crossed checked everything.

Licensed verison - 2018.4.5

Hi @Faraz_Subhani,

My best guess is it has something to do with the response time of the application you are typing into. It must be a web application if i’m not wrong.


Correct it’s a web application, so what should be the way to avoid such issues in future, increase the timeout but anyways the box where it was typing in web app loaded in time only then it started typing and stopped at 10 instead of typing 100(just guessing, please correct me If I am wrong).

You can increase the value set to the DelayBetweenKeys property.