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Hi All Community Folks,

Here are two common properties suggestions I found while working on a legacy solution.

1. Slowing down the speed for each activity

Eg: While entering any values using type into activity, some properties should be there to slow down the typing speed.

Reason: The legacy application does not respond so fast, and because of this fast typing nature of type into activity, the application gets freeze. while entering the value. If we can slow down the speed using any property, that can be helpful to handle such situations.

2. A quick test of each activity.

Eg: Like how we have with the Click Text Activity in [recorder mode], where we can Test Click, or like Highlight option in selector window which highlights the element.

Reason: We use the highlight option to test the selectors. Sometimes the selectors can highlight the element but, while executing the activity, the action gets fails. if that can be tested while setting up the selectors like how we use highlight option, that can reduce debug time.

What are your views on that?

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Krishan Gopal

Hi @kgmaheshwari

Thank you for your suggestions.

For 1., the Type Into activity has these parameters. Are they useful for your use-case?

Yes they are. I’ve checked it later.
thanks for the reply @loginerror :+1:

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Sure :slight_smile:

For the second:

Doesn’t this option do what you say here: