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Hello. I am starting to learn UiPath. I have a problem.
We have a text file of the form:
Position=“pos1” Cost=“1923”
Position=“pos2” Cost=“5363”
Position=“pos3” Cost=“8634”
Position=“pos4” Cost=“2435”
You need to write this data into a dictionary:
pos1, 1923
pos2, 5363
pos3, 8634
pos4, 2435
help me please.

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For this I would use split string, to split this data and take proper one, and also you can use vbnewrow for each new row. and for each row add it to dictinary.


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we can do with following:

  • read in the text file

  • split the text by Linebreaks

  • with the help of Regex we can extract the key and values



  • the extracted information can be added to the dictionary

find starter help here:
txtToDict_demo1.xaml (7.1 KB)
data1.txt (114 Bytes)

As an alternate we can do it with the help of LINQ:


(From line In strData.Split({Environment.NewLine}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)
Let k =Regex.Match(line,"(?<=Position="").*?(?="")").toString
Let v =Regex.Match(line,"(?<=Cost="").*?(?="")").toString
Select Tuple.Create(k,v)).ToDictionary(Of String, String)(Function (t) t.item1,Function (t) t.item2)

Thank you friend. Your answer is the best, you helped me a lot. I am trying to display the key and value through MsgBox, but errors appear.
Скриншот 13-01-2021 220502

maybe the typeArgument was not set for the for each activity. Set to following type:

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