Two identical images, click on any of them

Hi. I have two identical images, and I want the robot to click on any one of them, as there is no difference. I get the error that it was not possible to identify which of the two is to click. How do I configure him to click on any of them, because for me it doesn’t matter


you can use an anchor for this.

have an anchor activity and place the click on right and the find image on left, select any of the image which are on the left of the target image

make sure you select the anchor properly and set its property to anchor is on left.


Automation fails because it finds both options. I want him to click on any of them, no matter what. I didn’t find any settings for this.

Hi @Alexandre_Otavio_Zanon,

From this screenshot, I can see you are using UI automation and click activity - instead of click image activity.

Did you check the properties of the elements with UI Explorer?

I solved my problem using activity Find Image Matches and then clicking on the first occurrence of the image. Then it worked. thank you very much for your attention

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