Multi-Factor Authentication - Use of UiPathTeam.TwoStepAuthentication.Activities


I am trying to use a activity called ‘Get Microsoft Token’ from the UiPathTeam.TwoStepAuthentication.Activities package. I am having absolute no luck when it comes to getting this activity to work.

Someone told me I need to activate the secret key through the activity itself, and not a device, but I have no idea how to. I entered the secret key value in the secret key parameter but it just throws an error of “Illegal character: 8”.

If I don’t put in a secret key value, then it gives me back a token but it isn’t tied to anything so it can’t be used successfully.

Does anyone have any feedback on how this activity is actually supposed to be used?

Here is a link to the package from UiPath Go! for additional information:

Create a Sequence and add activities as follows just for POC,you can modify according to your need

  1. Add Input Dialog Activity , Ask for Secret key from the user
    Assign the output of Input Dialog Activitiy to a variable opSecretKey
  2. Assign this opSecretKey as Input to the SecretKey of Authentication Activity you have downloaded, assign a variable opToken to the Output Token of this Activity
  3. Output a Message box and put the output variable of the Authentication activity
  4. You will get the secret key as message

This gives error
GetGoogleToken: Illegal character: 1

Can you please tell how to remove this error