Two dashboards with separate filters in one app

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Is there any way to build in the same AppOne (v.21.10.2) two dashboards where each of them will have its own filters.
So, the scope of filters will be the same for both as well as types of charts are the same on both dashboards.
But for comparing stuff I am going to select one filter (for example Case department = EMEA) on the first dashboard and another filter (for example Case department = APAC) on the second dashboard within the same application.

Is above available or I just need to run 2 same application and switch between them in order to select different filters for the same charts??


Hello @Yevgeniya_Perepechenko,

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As I understand you are expecting for a compare charts with different entities on each chart as mentioned. We have a feature in the same AppOne of compare dashboard under the Process Menu.
Compare Dashboard: Process - Compare

  1. You can selected the Compare attribute at the top selector eg. Case Department
  2. Chose EMEA in the chart 1
  3. Chose APAC in the chart 2

It is also possible customize to compare with Bar charts or Column charts in place of Process Graph.

Hope this was the expectation of you. Please let us know for any further details.

Best regards,
Hari Vignesh.


Hello Hari,

Thank you for the advice!
Can I select several attributes for comparing, for example to have Case department + Case type + Customer type at once for each process?


Hi @Yevgeniya_Perepechenko,

Right now we don’t have multi-selection compare charts.

Hari Vignesh.

Thank you, Hari, for your response!

Is there a way to add into Compare dashboard Avg.throughput time to the Metrics along with Number of cases and Percentage of cases to be able to compare avg duration time between events?


Hi @hari.vignesh could you also advice on my last question?


Hello @Yevgeniya_Perepechenko,

Yes, we can do the comparison of time metrics by

  1. Go to the Compare Dashboard
  2. Click on one of the process graph and go to the Charts on the left pane of Developer mode (Image 1)
  3. Click on “Advanced”
  4. Navigate to “Metrics” Tab
  5. Enable the “Show Menu” checkbox (Image 2)
  6. Click Ok
  7. Go to the Process graph and you should see an icon of metrics on which you can switch the metrics as needed (Image 3)
  8. Repeat from Step 2 for the other Process Graph to enable the metrics

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

Official Docs Link: Adding custom metrics to the process graph

Hope this will help you to solve your requirements :slight_smile:

Best Regards,
Hari Vignesh.

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Thank you, @hari.vignesh !
Can we compare another graph (any other graph from Overview Dashboard - Activities, Variants) in the Compare dashboard, not only processes?


Hi @Yevgeniya_Perepechenko,

Right now we dont have compare feature in charts other than Process Graph.
You can confirm this by checking the below settings of each charts available in the dashboards.

Best regards,
Hari Vignesh.

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