Two array Match values to removed from datatable

I have a datatable and I have two array values

arr_str_Payer = {“Anthem PPOBCBS out of Area”, “Anthem Health Keepers”, “Anthem Health Keepers Medicare replacement”, “Anthem Health Keepers PLUS”, “Anthem PPO”, “Aetna PPO”, “Aetna HMO POS”, “Aetna Innovation Health HMO POS”, “Aetna Innovation Health Medicare”, “Aetna Innovation Health PPO”, “Aetna Medicare”}

arr_str_Procedure = {“43235”, “43239”, “43248”, “43251”, “45378”, “45380”, “45385”}

In the datatable,

  1. if the Payers column matches any of the values in arr_str_payers (and)
  2. if the procedures column matches any of the values in arr_str_procedures

I need to remove those datarow. I have completed this code with the help of for each row and for each loops.

But want to know if there is some better ways to do using other options.

Here is my attached code using foreach row.
Arun_Sequence.xaml (27.3 KB)

Unposted Superbills4-13-2023_02-27.xlsx (41.1 KB)

Hi @Arun_Singh

Try this

dt_input = dt_input.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) Not (arr_str_Payer.Contains(x("Payers").ToString) And arr_str_Procedure.contains(x("procedures").ToString))).CopyToDataTable