Twilio Error - 20003


We are getting the error like Error-20003 while using Twilio functionality.
We used Twilio scope activity and passed required parameters.
I have attached error related screen shot.
Please let us know if anybody has encountered the same problem and resolution for this issue.
Venkatesh N

Thanks for reaching out. This is an error coming from Twilio and points to the Scope not having the right properties provided. Which fields in the Twilio Scope activity did you fill in?


We entered in Twilio Scope Activity- the following properties Account Sid, API Key Secret, API Key Sid and in Make Voice Call Activity - the following properties From, To and Say.

Venkatesh Natarajan

That looks correct, can you reach out to my on email so we can help troubleshoot this through a screen share?

Hey Justin!

I am having the same issue. Do you mind letting me know if a solution was found?
Just to clarify that my setup is correct as well:

Look forward hearing from you.

Kr, ElectricBoogie

Sorry to hear about the frustration - can you send a screenshot with the Twilio Scope properties so I can help debug. Feel free to mask the actual Secret and Sids