Tutorials for Salesforce RPA Automation



Can someone point me to the available Tutorials for SFDC Automation using UI Path. I have just started my journey with RPA, but am an experienced SFDC Admin. Few examples and tutorials will help me get an idea on how and what can be done.


Hi @Asmi,

If you are going to be using the your browser for SDFC automation, then I recommend you go to our academy training and take the Level 1 - Foundation Training - revamped. This tutorial was recently released and will give you the most up to date training available.

Navigate to https://academy.uipath.com, sign up and after you have logged in, scroll down to technical training and search courses for “Level 1 - Foundation Training”.

Let me know if you still have questions.



Hi Victor,

I am interested in the SFDC automation, where I can query data in SFDC using SOQL query, update using SOQL or Data Loader.

Knowing browser automation will be good as well.