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Hello everyone, I am copying a CSV file to paste it into an Excel template file. However I have a small concern about a column where data must be numbers and not text. When I do it manually it works, however when I do it via my automation I have this error:

Number stored as text

Do you know how I can paste my data without having to change all the cells?

You don’t copy/paste into Excel. Use the Excel activities.

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Hi @DimitriLYR ,

I’m not sure if I’ve understood your query completely, but do you want Excel to categorize it as a Number is that correct?

If so then using a bit of VBA wouldn’t hurt here.

Function changeColFormat(str_sheetName As String, Col As Long)
Dim Sh As Worksheet

  Set Sh = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(str_sheetName)
  Set Sh = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1")
  Sh.Columns(Col).NumberFormat = "0.00"

End Function

Check the box for “Trust Access” in Trust Center

use an Invoke VBA Activity and save the snippet about into a Notepad and invoke it within an Excel Application Scope like so:


This doesn’t get rid of the warning though.
Let me know if that is what you were targetting, because VBA can help with that as well.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

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Hi @DimitriLYR

Have a look on the thread

Hope it will helps


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Hello, thank you all for your answers, I will test this in the morning :slight_smile:

It’s Done, thank you all :slight_smile: i use @ashwin.ashok 's method :slight_smile:

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