How to recognize value of a excel cell

Hi i have a little problem i download a .csv file from a web page so after this i save it as .xslx but the numer fields has some errors


“The number of the cell has text format or is preceded by an apostrophe”

But my .csv it’s ok

the problem it’s after i converted to .xlsx


how can i solved this ? some idead please :smiley:

This is my excel: excel.xls (366.9 KB)

@naotosx You can convert text to number by using vbscript

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wich type should i use? if i need to conver text to decimal type with two decimals ?

Is your xlsx file stored for results?

If yes, then you might have to change the excel cell format to number and then replace the value without the apostrophe (and without the comma too if possible)

If you are not storing that for your results, and maybe using this to read some inputs, then there is no harm in having that apostrophe before your number in the excel cell. Your read range method would just read the number ignoring the apostrophe.

@naotosx Is it possible to attach excel file?

Sure!, check my post again :smiley:


Can you please attach original file I mean csv.

Karthik Byggari


Follow these steps:

  1. Select the column and change the type to “Text”
  2. Select the column and replace the “,” with “.”
  3. Select the column and change the type to “Number”

And convert the decimal to “,” in the Excel settings as shown in the below link -

Karthik Byggari