Trying to send multiple emails, but each email turns out identical

I have an automation that sends out 11 emails, each one different as it is sent to a different group of people. But, when I write the body of the first email, it is automatically inserted as the body of the other 10 emails. If I change any of them, it updates all of the other emails to have the exact same change. How do I unlink them so I can have a different body in each email?

For example, some are sent to managers, and others are sent to operation teams.

@Brad_Luse How about maintaining two different email activities, one for managers and other is for ops team. So, that you can maintain the email body with respective to whom you are sending it

I have it broken down into 11 different “Use email” activities, but it is still duplicating the bodies.

@Brad_Luse Where did you store the email body is it in a variable ? Also, can you share the screenshot of your email code snippet

After you asked about the variable I realized what I might be doing wrong, and sure enough, it is pulling all of the emails from the same template. If I change the number of the template to HtmlContent6 or HtmlContent7, would that fix it?

Hi @Brad_Luse,

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Instead of creating two different bodies, mark the variable fields in these bodies with square brackets and change these fields as needed.

For example,

Hi [Name] …
After reading the template, you can manage these fields with the replace function.


Looks like I got it fixed, thank you for your guy’s help!

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