Different message bodies in a process (simple question)


I’m a relatively new user of UiPath StudioX and appreciate assistance in what should be quickly resolved.
I’m attempting to build a straightforward process to send emails to a list of recipients (fetched from an Excel spreadsheet).

There are two variations of the emails that are to be distributed. Conditions in the spreadsheet will determine for each recipient if they will be getting email variation 1 or 2.

I have been getting this to work almost entirely, except the email bodies remain the same.
If I commit changes to either email variation, the changes will be carried out to both email bodies (not only the email body that I save the changes to).

How do I go about having two different variations of email bodies in the same process?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Mans_Bergkvist

Use Separate .xaml’s.For Different Email Bodies.


Use the SMTP Mail Method, You can send mail dynamic mail bodies.


Prasanth Kumar Manivannan

was the send email activity 1 copied and pasted to get the second email activity?

going ahead to a next check.

  • Click on the first send Email and check the properties:


memorize the HTML Template value

  • Click on the second send Email and check the properties: HTML Template

when both acitvities are pointing to the same template file, then it answering why editing the one is also updating the other one


  • navigate with File Explorer to the template file
  • copy and paste it (duplicate it) , change file name to same schema but with a +1 counter number
  • go to seconden send email and update HTML Template to let point it to the new duplicated file.

Now, both email bodies can now independed be configured

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Thank you @PrasanthManivannan and @ppr!

I changed a number in the catalog path for one of the HTML bodies, which created two HTML files, allowing me to send two different messages!

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