Trying to install citrix plugin from studio tools, but error thrown

this error is showing.what could be the possible problem?

Close your Citrix apps and give it a try.

Hi @ydash999

Close all the opened application and also please relaunch the studio an try again.


done.still same error brother

i dont have any citrix application installed in my machine. i was just trying to click to install the plugin to use citrix in future,but the error is showing

As the error says, you have to have the Citrix ICA Client installed on your machine before you can use the Citrix plugin.

Also, you’re aware there is a corresponding plugin that has to be installed on your Citrix server, that works in conjunction with the plugin you install on your machine?

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so, i have to have the citrix workstation installed in my machine first, then i can install the plug in right?

No. The Citrix ICA Client. Look at the registry entry it’s telling you about in the error message.

after downloading citrix workspace, the error is not showing now. is there any difference between citrix ica client and citrix workspace?

Workspace probably includes the ICA Client.

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