Trying to Group By DataTable based upon multiple columns


DTwithDuplicates.AsEnumerable().GroupBy(function(x) {x(“Product Name”).ToString, x(“Product ID”).ToString}).Select(function(g) g.CopyToDataTable)

Trying above expression and assigning to variable of <IEnumerable>

But its not working as intended and giving below output:

@Yoichi @loginerror @Pablito


Can you try the following expression?

DTwithDuplicates.AsEnumerable.GroupBy(Function(r) Tuple.Create(r("Product Name").ToString, r("Product ID").ToString)).Select(Function(g) g.CopyToDataTable).ToList


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Also have a look here:

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@Yoichi : great Thanks a lot it works

Is there a Linq way to created derived column let say amount = Price*QTY from existing 2 columns Price and QTY without iterating for loop.
Thanks in advance

in that case we often can use the expression property of a datacolumn

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Let me try this

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