Trying to filter by date the QueueProcessingRecords/RetrieveLastDaysProcessingRecords

Hi. I’m trying to retrieve data with the API, using the QueueProcessingRecords_RetrieveLastDaysProcessingRecords. I want to filter a certain time period, like for example, between January 15 2022 and January 25 2022. But I’m under the impression that the query doesn’t use my filter at all. Whatever happens it’ll give me everything.
Here’s a picture:
My exact filter is this : “ProcessingTime gt 2022-01-15TT00:00:00:000Z and ProcessingTime lt 2022-01-25T00:00:00:000Z” but as you can see on the image, it doesn’t work. Any idea as to why, or if it’s even possible to do what I’m trying? thanks.


Hey @matteo.tatibouet

Kindly use this below property for filtering…



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Thanks for your answer, unfortunately, it doesn’t work, because this request doesn’t return any property named “LastProcessed”

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For anyone with the same problem, this specific GET method, queueProcessingRecords, doesn’t seem to accept any OData clause, because entering complete gibberish into any clause doesn’t give you an “Error: Bad Request”, just gives back everything with a 200 code.
This doesn’t happen if you use, for example, GET odata/Machines.
So for now, this is impossible, at least from the request. You have to do it in your backend.

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