Orchestrator API - Queue item filter for StartProcessing and EndProcessing

Hi team

I am using orchestartor API to fetch failed and successful queue item details and i am able to fetch that using below query

"/odata/QueueItems?$filter=(Status eq ‘Failed’ or Status eq ‘Successful’) and QueueDefinitionId eq " + QueueID

but now i want to pass starttime grater than "
08/24/2022 07:10:12" and le now.tostring in the filter to fetch the failed and successful queue item between that time range

tried using below query but below one not skipping as well as not fetching top 100 instead of that it fetching all the items

"/odata/QueueItems?$skip=10&$top=100&$count=true&$filter=(Status eq ‘Failed’ or Status eq ‘Successful’) and QueueDefinitionId eq " + QueueID

any one having idea on this @Palaniyappan @ovi

@ovi @loginerror there is a issue with get queue item , still unable to fetch end transaction time

Check this example and adapt it:

https://ORCH_HOSTNAME/odata/QueueItems?$orderby=Id%20desc&$top=1000&$filter=((QueueDefinitionId eq QueueID and (EndProcessing eq 2022-08-09 and StartProcessing eq 2022-08-09)))

More details here:

Date Functions OData Version 4.0. Part 1: Protocol Plus Errata 03 ( Built-in Query Functions)

Building API Requests examples: Building API Requests

Another example:

GET for https://ORCHESTRATOR_URL/odata/QueueItems?$orderby=Id%20desc&$top=1000&$select=EndProcessing&$filter=((QueueDefinitionId eq 3 and (EndProcessing gt 2022-08-04 and EndProcessing lt 2022-08-06)))

Example results:


hi @marian.platonov

Thank you for the response

It will give only top 1000 but i need to get the more than 5000 records from queue for reporting between the timestamp

do you know how to skip already fetched 1000 items using api

and one more thing above query will fetch only end processing fields and but i need all the fields of data in queue which the status in Failed or successful state between the time period

Rate Limit for Results Displayed for Automation Cloud Orchestrator API Request

Note that, for Automation Cloud Orchestrator services, the results displayed by the API requests are limited to 1000 entries for each page.
You can use $top and $skip parameters in your requests to retrieve subsequent pages. For example, use the GET https://cloud.uipath.com/odata/QueueItems?$top=1000&$skip=2000 request to retrieve the robot log entries between 2001 and 3000.


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