Trying to add modified date to file path

I’m working on a bot that will look for a file based on its name, but the file name will change each month with the last day of the month included. I’m attempting to use the modify date activity and it appears that my string “LastDayOfMonth” is getting the proper output. When I attempt to add it to two strings of text using the “FileName” variable, it isn’t outputting the first string. It then doesn’t work either when adding that “FileName” to the “RevspringFileName” variable. I haven’t used the modify date activity before, but I have it outputting as a string. Any thoughts?

Hi @trentm ,

Could you try using assign activity instead of declaring expressions in the variable sections

Thank you. I used default for the other job I did that was nearly a carbon copy and it had no issues. Not sure why this one was different. Thanks again!!

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