Try catch error

Hi am using try catch activity for exception handling,whenever the exception caught in the block it is breaking the execution and ask for continuing the execution.For this I have used continue in both try and catch block but also its breaking at exception block and asking for continue ,later click on continue nothing will do it loop same thing continuing. please give some suggestion to avoid manual clicking for continuing the execution.

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Generally it won’t ask conitnue. Are you running it in Debug mode or what ?

Rather keep continue we can keep the whole sequence to be executed in the TRY block and if any exception occurs it will go to CATCH block where we can have our remaining sequence to be continued

In that case we won’t get any prompt like whether to continue or not

Hope this would help you
Cheers @DivyaT

No am not running in debug mode,while clicking on run option itself going to debug option.I tried many times also but flows not running properly ,am not feeling am doing automation.

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Hmm fine
Kindly press F5 which will run in normal executable mode
And did this work buddy

Cheers @DivyaT

I tried but also,i was getting the error now i have disable the option as break on exception,now its running smoothly.

Thanks for the solution.


Yes of course break would work as it would abruptly cuts the execution of process and goes to the next sequence and if there is nothing to process further it will stop
As simple as it is
Cheers @DivyaT