Try Catch not working UiPath

i am handling exception by using try catch block and selected system exception in catch with mail sequence.
UiPath assign sequence shows error in filter data table when there is no value for particular date after filtering from excel so i used try catch to handle and in catch i am sending mail as no data exist for particular date.
I checked in debug and run mode but still not working it is not handling exception.
kindly find the image of try catch and help me to solve this issue.


Remove Try catch and Can you share the error screenshot?


Kindly find error screenshot

Hi Mathkar,

i have done almost the same will help for you.

and the following variables

1.i have created a data table with one row called Data value with rows 09031991,09021980 and saved in st data table.

2.filter the data table“DataValue = 09032000”) and stored in data row array called dttt will verify whether any rows selected.If yes ,adding all the rows to data table.if no, printing no data

What is the filter condition you have added in the select method??

mainTable.Select("[Date] = ‘#"+DateTime.Today.ToString(“MM-dd-yyyy”)+"#’").CopyToDataTable

And i have to check count after filtering only if filter count is 0 then should send mail which is in catch

Main.xaml (11.2 KB)

Please find the above xaml. I have made a similar example which is working fine.

Please check the below screenshots

After that I kept assign statement in try catch.its working fine.

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sure ,i will check and let u know thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

ok i will check

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thanks for the help it is working

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