Try Catch exceptions error


I am following this link to cover UIPath course : Not sure how many of you guys can access this link -
** UiPath - Level 1 Robotic Process Automation (**

Currently I am trying out Try Catch Exceptions. It has shown an example like so:
Var1=“data” : This is string
Var2=Var1 : This one it has deliberately selected Int32 type.
In the video it throws the message as mentioned in the catch section but when I run the same thing, it keeps throwing Errors - image

It should actually give me the below message:



Is type of Obj2Data certainly String in the video? (Sorry, but I can’t access it.) I suppose it should be GenericValue type considering your expecting result.


Yeah it is string! I couldn’t take a snapshot of the video. for security reasons, its blocking me!
There is 1 sequence within which there are 3 sequences : Objective 1, 2 and 3!
Each objective sequence has an assign activity to declare variables called Objective1Data, Objective3Data and Objective3Data. All 3 being string type! And also contains log message to give the output!
Now to test the try catch part, below is done:

  1. Put the objective2 block inside the try part, we introduce another variable called " Crashme" - Deliberately changing the type to Integer
  2. assign the previous variable “Objective2Data” to it
  3. Add a log message of “Warn”