Try catch exception query

@Palaniyappan i read ur forums. I have a query on try and catch. For example i put a selector in try block amd if it fails it will catch the exception which is system exception. In there i put a delay and the same selector which was in the try block. In the same way can i do the second system exception as the first catch exception?

Hi @mark_rajkumar1

You can try Retry Scope.
If you want to delay again and retry with same activity on error.

hello @mark_rajkumar1
Retry activity also works for catching the exception. as exception came it will retry and you can provide delay in between next retry. If you want something to catch they pur retry inside try catch activity.

Hope this helps

Hi @mark_rajkumar1 - Yes, you can do that, but you might have to nested try catch blocks to handle this case

My understanding was you want to retry the activity when an exception occurs, if so, you can use Global Exception Handler, it handles the exceptions, also you can retry the activities x (you can configure)number of times