Exception handling: how to handle exception or large projects(try catch or another ways)

Example: suppose I am reading data from an excel of 2 rows and 10 columns of data in each rows.

in my sequence, I have an excel scope with read range activity, for each loop and 10 assign activities (each column data will be assigned to related variables)

I want to impliment exception handling for all my activities, means if I modify any of my excel column data by mistake, I should get a decent error message and program should stop there.

How I can implement this?

should I surround try catch for each activities or is there any better option to do this easily?

Hi @Kapil_Kuriakose

This will give you an idea.

Key points

  1. Uniquely name your Assign activities and save in a separate workflow
  2. Invoke your workflow, wrap it with Try Catch.
    You can display your error message with the Exception.Source.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: