Trouble installing the system.text.regularexpressions package


I am working on a program right now which requires the usage of regex to make numerical comparisons for conditional statements. To get this to run, I need to installed the system.text.regularexpressions package. I have tried to install it, click save, accept the user license terms but that does not seem to work. I am copying an image of my install screen below.

Does anyone know how I can install this package?

I tried installing the package but I get the same issue as yours.

But you should be able to use RegEx without this package.

Activities such as Matches, Replace , IsMatch (Under Programming - String) can be used.

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Hi @hall1570

No need to install the package as it comes pre-installed, you just need import it, that’s it.
To import the library, go-to import panel right next to the argument panel and type System.Text.RegularExpression


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