Triple Click using UiPath

Hi All,

I have to copy an entire line from a website using citrix automation. I’ve tried sending hotekeys’ combined with relative click, but the website doesn’t respond to these, and the hotkey changes the page, it loses the highlighted relative click and hence fails.

I figured that a triple click might do the trick, but am unable to mimic a triple click user action on the browser.

I tried running single and double click in a parallel activity but UiPath still treats them as individual activities, so it registers just them individually.

In the above image, lets say I want to copy the entire line, singe click just well, clicks.
A double click highlights the particular word "online ".

But a triple click manages to select the entire line.

I though maybe a custom activity for this should do the trick? Not sure.

Any new ideas or approaches or a solution along the triple-click activity line, would be very much appreciated! :smiley:

Many Thanks in Advance.

HI @abdullahnj,

I have another idea instead of triple click you can use ctrl+ click

You can use click activity Ctrl+click it will select the hole value.
refer this xaml file
TripleClick.xaml (8.0 KB)

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:

Hi @arivu96,

Thank you for your response.

Although the solution is pretty neat, I was wondering if this can be done in Chrome browser, since what you’ve shown works in IE for me and not in Chrome.

Anything along the lines of Chrome maybe?


Hi @abdullahnj,

you need to change to browser type to chrome and try to modify the selector. then Try.

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:

Hi @arivu96,

I manually tried the CTRL + Left Click in IE and it selected the text, but this doesn’t work in Chrome.

My assumption is that this combination must be an hotkey in IE maybe…?

Doesn’t work in Chrome manually, does it for you?


hi @abdullahnj

In IE → Ctrl +single click
in Chrome ->Ctrl+Double click

Regards, Arivu

Hi @arivu96,

Ctrl+Double click isn’t working in chrome. It’s giving the same result as a double click. Just highlights the clicked word.


Hi @abdullahnj

I commend a easy way for you.
try to use a double click and a single click to simulate a triple click activty,
and make two activities as close as possible.
edit the first click activty delay after to 0,
and the second click activty delay before to 0.
(default delay is 300 and 200)

in this way,
can not to select “SendWindowMessages” or “SimulateClick”.

Maybe will help to you.