Triple click not working in CV

Hello, is it possible to add triple click in click activity, cause triple click will select whole text and it is better to have triple click then to send hotkey CTRL+A.

Idea is because of Computer Vision, get text is not working so well, but click does work, so we could select whole text and copy it etc etc.

Use Click activity thrice with DelayAfter and DelayBefore value as 0. It worked for me :smiley:


tried this works as mentioned. didn’t need a triple click just thought of doing it to learn something new :smiley:

Nice idea, but this does not work in computer vision :wink: that is why I need triple click, as I mentioned

if you can use IE try CTRL + single left click

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nice idea, thank you!

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Hi @Radomir_Ivankovic

Sorry for moving your topic around the categories :slight_smile: We’ll dig to the cause of this behaviour. Could you give it a look @Cosin?

For CV, you could try this:

  • Use a CV Click (with all delays set to 0) to click on the text you want to select
  • Add an output variable to the CV Click
  • Use that output variable as input for 2 new CV Click activities (also with all delays set to 0).

Seems to work on my machine.


if i understand this correctly as the delay is set to 0 the 3 click activities would run immediately one after the other hence creating a triple click. genius

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Hello all,

thank you, I will try this tomorrow, and let you know of results.



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