Trim integer value

Hi All,

I got a list of integer in a specific column,

I have loop each integer, and now my question is how to trim each list of integer into value that i wanted.

For example:

this is one of integer value: C121000.00000.000.000.71432000.000.00
how to trim it to get this value only: 71432000

Thank you so much

Hi @mashy2

Splitting the value by “.” Would get it. But i have one question. In that long value would that place will always be the location for the value you want? Or does the location of the value change

To use split you can try below


This will return the value you need.

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando
Location of the value will always be the same
Thank you very much!

Then you can use this without a problem :slight_smile:

If this works for you, please mark the answer as the solution too :slight_smile:


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