How to split a Innumerable string?

Hi guys,

I have an input value 2427-62DM02A0CD:31218 i need to get the output as 242762DM02A0CD

Need to split it by : but i’m not able to display the output to check it is correct or not.

In message box i only get system.string

Any help in this?

Thank you.

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Hi @batBot

If you want to get this value “242762DM02A0CD”. You just need to replace “-” and use substring or right method to get the desire value.

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Try this expression,

split(strVariable, “:”)(0).Replace("-","").ToString.Trim



@batBot Here is the solution

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Thank you @MartianxSpace if i use this var=split(inputvar, “:”) var(1) then he output is like this 31218 only the other string must come.

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Thank you got it!

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