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I’m new to UiPath & I have a task assigned to me by my instructor. I have a simple process and I want to trigger it. But in the trigger option, all I can see are these options. How to get more options for triggering? This might be silly, but any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Hi @DrDanZoro ,

There are two types of triggers:

1)Time - Here you can trigger any process based on timely, weekly manner etc

2)Queue- Here you mention the queue name, and whenever an item is added to that queue the mapped process starts to run.

If you want to trigger a process manually, you can go to jobs and start any desired process.


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Hi @DrDanZoro, welcome to the Community.

There are 2 major types of triggers namely time & queue based. But I can see you are referring to time based here. If your intention is to trigger your process based on a certain time condition, you can use time triggers.

Can you let us know at what fashion you want to trigger it?

Also, the following doc might help you with your requirement:

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Thank you for your response.

I need it to run on monday morning. I tried to explore Weekly option now, but I’m not sure how this works.

@DrDanZoro , you can select the weekly option. Inside you can select Monday and the time which you want the process to run at.


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If you want to trigger the procesa at a specific time on every Monday, you can use something called Cron expression.

Click on the Advanced option & enter the following expression:

0 0 10 ? * MON *

This will trigger the process on every Monday at 10:00 AM. If you want to change the time or day, make the modifications to the same expression.

Hope this helps,
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