Trigger not work on weekend

Hi UiPath , I have set a daily trigger as the picture below

It work perfect from Monday to Friday, but on Saturday and Sunday, it not trigger ( no job created )

Please help if you have any information about root cause of this error.


Which version of Orchestrator do you use? Is it AutomationCloud?
For now, can you check if non-working day settings is applied?


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Hi, I am using Automation Cloud.
Non-working day isnot applied.


Go tot he weekly option and select all the weekdays …I guess sunday and saturday are unselected there …hope that solves

Alternately go to advanced and use this cron expression …that also would work

0 0 22 ? * * *

Hope this helps


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I am testing your suggest, but we will know result on this weekend.

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Hii @Duc_Nguyen1 ,
You can Set the trigger by Providing the crone expression .
This is how you can do that

Click “Advanced”
There you provide crone expression : 0 0 22 ? * * *
This will set your trigger at 10.00 PM


Hope this helps,

Thank you for suggest, I know how to use crone, but I am caring about root cause of my case ( maybe this is orchestrator bug ) more than diffirent solution :slight_smile: