Translate power automate HTTP to uitpath http request


Hi all,

I had a HTTP flow in power automate.
This became payable in power automate.

So i want to translate this HTTP to a HTTP request in UIpath.

Underneath you can find the power automate flow.
Can you guys help me? Thank you!



Welcome to uipath forum

If you want to read the http response and get the value out of it then we can use parse through the Json file and get individual values

Which then you can use as parameters for UiPath http request activity

Cheers @fdr

Hi @fdr Here are HTTP Request activity propetties screenshots that might be useful in your case:

Body property must include a variable with the content required by this POST request.

Hope it helps!

Do I need to create variables for responsebody and statuscode?

Thank you!

You should create at least for statuscode, that way you can evaluate if your API call finished as expected based on HTTP codes (for example 201 is expected for successful upload or 200).

responseBody is needed in case you receive an Id of item created when uploading that could be useful later in the process, but it is not mandatory.