Transition condition

Hi Team,
I’m just trying to add multiple condition in the transition state, but when i tried to add two condition it is getting failed.
for example : I should check for both system and remote exception - if any of the exception occurs it should go to end process

when i add single condition -it is working as expected
but when i try to add like the above image it is getting failed.
any ideas on this will be much appreciated.
Naveen Kumar

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systemExceptionOccurred Or remoteExceptionOccurred

if either a system exception or a remote exception occurs. You can use the OR operator (Or) to combine these conditions
You can try this way


Hi @Praveen_Mudhiraj
tried that already (or) condition ain’t helping me


I suppose it should be And (AndAlso) as the following. Can you try this?

RemoteException is Nothing AndAlso SystemExeption is Nothing 


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systemExceptionOccurred AndAlso

Can you try this @naveenkumarr

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If not can you try this way also

In if condition

systemExceptionOccurred = True Or remoteExceptionOccurred = True


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@Yoichi and @Praveen_Mudhiraj cool, will try this. thanks


I think the condition u r using is fine
It’s OR if you r looking for any of the value being false

It’s about the position of the block may be if u r using multiple condition in TRANSITION

Try to place multi condition first and then bring the single condition block next to it

You can change the position of the condition.


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Thanks na @Palaniyappan , will check

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